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In the age of internet, with pieces of information reaching us in overwhelming quantities, the habit of reading real tangible good ol’ books feels like an animal species on the brink of extinction. It seems like reading a book nowadays is a form of activism, some sort of intellectual equivalent to the slow food movement. It’s like you’re making a statement. And maybe it is in a way, but I’m happy I created space for reading again. It took discipline to not let myself be distracted from my phone and the pressure of social media all the time, but that…

Think of the person who seeks to ‘change the world’ by doing what can be done within a bad system, but who is relatively silent about that system. Think of the person who runs an impact investment fund aimed at helping the poor, but is unwilling to make the connection, in his own head or out loud, between poverty and the business practices of the financiers on his advisory board. Think of a hundred variations of this example. Such a person (…) is putting himself in the difficult moral position of the kind hearted slave master. ~ Anand Giridharadas


“Slow down, breathe deep and look around.”

Is it fiction? Is it magic? Is it real? Does it matter? Those are the questions I’m left with after reading The Hidden Life Of Trees, What They Feel, How They Communicate, by German forester Peter Wohlleben.

I’ve walked through quite some forests during the past ten years. Especially since I can call myself the caretaker of a very active nature loving dog, I’ve seen many forests in my home country (The Netherlands) and abroad. The rest and stillness of the firmly standing trees provided me with a quiet and peaceful mind. But…

Book review BEAST — Paul Kingsnorth

‘What kind of man am I? I wonder what I think about that now that I have spent a year here, watching the layers peel off, stripping myself back. You peel and peel and peel but there is always another one underneath. Does the work ever end, is there a centre, and if so what do you find down there? Some promise, some jewel, some answer?’

Book review BEAST — Paul Kingsnorth

I’m in the water. A set of big Atlantic waves approaches. I have to face them. The first one is kind of okay. I roll over and manage…

Tom van de Beek

I'm not on the right or left. I'm a radical. For social innovation, ecological restoration and audacious creation.

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