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The only possible explanation for why Brexit is still happening.

The BBC documentarist explains in an interview with The Economist how he wishes politicians had responded to Brexit, and gives his opinion on Margaret Atwood’s most famous work.

Graphic report of a debate between Cardiff University economist Calvin Jones and Indycube founder Mark Hooper.

Bike racks to the south of Cardiff Central station. I remarked when I posted this on Twitter that the stations are so few and far between they’d benefit from having weather balloons overhead.

This month has seen the rolling-out (ha!) of Cardiff’s swanky new bike hire scheme, or whatever you call it. Residents of the capital can now tap an app, unchain a bike from a rack, and pedal over to another rack within a thirty-minute radius.

The most obvious failing is only being able to unlock the bike through the app. It is possible to do it with a phone call, but this involves reading your card details out over the phone in the middle of the street with a complete stranger, charges you a pound, takes unnecessary time, and throughout the…

When one boards the distinctive green-liveried trains that run down between Wales’ Valleys and its shining capital city, it is almost a certainty to meet someone most interesting.

Thus, as I boarded a train heading back down to the city for a night out, I watched as a man got on, obviously in high spirits and in lager too. He greeted the conductor with a customary “Alri’ butt!” delivered in an extremely happy manner. He bought his ticket and enjoyed some banter with the guard. AFter that, he turned to me.

I caught his gaze and put down my Private…

The fireworks from Caulton Hill, after we’d packed up the venues.

I meant to post this post as soon as I got home on the 31st August, but well, things have been a bit crazy since then. Yet here we are- some short write-ups of the last few shows, some statistics, some informal awards to be handed out to some top notch shows, and a few little secrets that I wasn’t allowed to divulge whilst actually at the Fringe.

First up I’ll talk about the dying days of the Fringe.

So You Think You’re Funny Awards

Warning, this post is grim. It shouldn’t have been, but no way am I redoing it. Enjoy.

Happy Together is a play at C venues where the audience is split into two. The writer came up on stage and picked two volunteers to be the actors playing the couple in the play.

This strange start really confused me and the first few minutes were spent ignoring the plot exposition in favour of wondering about the suspiciously well rehearsed lines of the two volunteers. …

Who wants to see a show about a woman dressed as a man who then dresses as a woman? Not to mention a techie dressed as a foetus. You do, because this show is really good.

In a Free Fringe room even more packed out than Olaf Falafel’s show(review of which should be up on Fringebiscuit any day now), I was hot, tired and alone. Yet I found myself immensely enjoying easily the smartest show at the Fringe.

It is announced at the start that Kate Smurthwaite will not be attending, and instead a male comic will be presenting the…

WiFi Wars allows the randomly selected team captains to choose a team name. Here’s Red’s.

What is it about Pleasance Dome that attracts the big names? I swear I saw Dara o’Briain in the gents after I left WiFi Wars.

Not that that matters. You came to see my thoughts on the gameshow, right? Well, I feel like for one it would have been better off with an earlier slot. As it was late as well, it ran at about midnight, and kind of screwed up my Saturday night plans. …

Tom M

Editor of Draws for Thought, a UK comics journalism project. Cardiff University alumni. Once went to the Fringe.

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