Business Matters

Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to own my own business and be self made. Throughout high school I was a member of FBLA, future business leaders of America, and I initially attended Shippensburg University for Finance. Lately I have been overcome with work and school and have not thought about this topic.

However, I though long an hard today about how I actually want to start my own motorcycle business. I have come to the realization that I would need to develop it nights and weekends while being an employee for another company for income. Rome was not built in a night and neither really was any business.

SO…long story short, this is how I am going to develop a business.

  1. Finish my education ($30,000)
  2. Invest time in learning specific aspects of chassis design so I can design the frame of the motorcycle (a lot of nights and weekends)
  3. Invest in a lathe ($1000–$3000), welder ($1000–$4000), and motorcycle lift ($500-$1500)
  4. Build and test a prototype ($5000)
  5. Critique and refine prototype build into a sellable product ($2000)
  6. Market as a custom design vehicle until enough orders come in to supplement my income from my day job (no idea and a few years)
  7. Leave said job and invest my time fully into the company to design different types of bikes for customers (a lot of time)

This is the general steps I came up with on the way home from the gym. If it turns out I am within the cost ranges to do this, I am looking at $39,500-$46,500 in money and years of work. I expect this to take anywhere from 10–15 years to complete. In such time I hope to maybe work for companies that allow time and convenience for having a family. Lets see what happens. Bring on life.

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