Cost Vs. Worth

So my last post I brought up the example of the Honda Grom. I think this motorcycle is WORTH loads more than it’s cost. You as a beginner need to decide the balance. Is spending thousands of dollars on a COSTly motorcycle WORTH the investment as a first bike? For some people the answer is yes because they like to flex their wallet and tell people that their first bike was a Ducati or MV. For others, like me, the point of your first bike is to beat the 
S*!T out of and get one that is worth while. The Grom is the PERFECT bike for this along with the Kawasaki Z125 pro. An inexpensive motorcycle allows you to…

  1. have a bike in the first place
  2. not have to worry about if it gets a scratch in it
  3. not have to worry about if it leaks a little
  4. not have to worry about a million other things that someone owning a “nice” bike would have to worry about.

Point is, get a bike that you don’t have to worry about and still have fun with. Next post will finally be a real review of a motorcycle, the H-D Iron 883, my first brand new bike I ever bought.

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