My Human Hasn’t Taken Me Running in Five Days

Five whole days. You did not read that incorrectly.

It all started on Saturday when he walked in the door with a piece of cloth wrapped around his right rear paw. He was walking all funny with short steps like when you get burrs stuck in the fur around your backside, and making bad faces every time he took a step. Something was not right. He was wearing the same fur he puts on when we go running, but hadn’t taken me with him today. I was immediately worried and after jumping up and down on him a few times I let him know it by returning to my couch and turning in a circle before flopping down.

Dreaming of a Trail Run

Later that day he lay on my couch next to me with a squishy looking bag on his paw. I tried chewing on the bag for him but it was too cold so I licked it a couple times and went back to sleep. When I woke up he had removed the cold squishy bag and the piece of cloth and I could see that the area where his paw meets his back leg was all weirdly colored and swollen up like a tennis ball. I wish it had been a tennis ball. I proceeded to heal the swollen paw area by licking it and then went back to sleep.

Every day since then when my human has returned from his daily eternal disappearance I have freaked out (as I always do) and jumped all over him. He doesn’t seem to like it as much as he used to because now he sort of grimaces and halfheartedly pats me before doing that same weird half step walk over to my couch. He does not seem to be aware that I healed his paw by licking it.

Feel better, human

Sometimes he puts me outside on the rope thing that I can’t seem to escape from despite running back and forth in a way that makes it rub and fray on the side of the porch. After doing this a few times I sit there and look at him and think WHEN ARE WE GONNA GO RUNNING DUDE. COME ON. HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LIVE LIKE THIS. SQUIRREL. But he just looks at me with those sad human eyes and goes back inside to the couch.

Today he seemed to be walking a little more normally when he left the house and he wasn’t wearing the weird piece of cloth thing wrapped around his paw. It was still kind of swollen and weird looking though. Not like a tennis ball but almost. Maybe a little smaller, it’s hard to tell without attempting to chew on it. While he’s gone I’m going to be really good and not take anything out of the smelly can of partially eaten human food that I found under the sink. Well maybe one thing. One small thing. Like one of those things they call pizza crusts. But besides that I will be very good in the hopes that when his eternal disappearance is over for the day we can at least go for a W.A.L.K.