Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Notice how the Leftists are always putting modifiers on Capitalism. What they are really describing is government protectionism via taxes and regulations, which then produces a ruling elite and a peasant class, like it has for thousand of years, and then they want to blame Capitalism.

Since Capitalism doesn’t allow for the use of force for protectionism and legal plunder, then they obviously can’t argue against it. So what they have to do in order to shift the blame from their policies to Capitalism is to call Capitalism something it is not, thus the manifestation of all the modifiers like “no-lose” or “crony” or “unfettered”.

Its the typical straw man argument used by the looters and legal plunderers to give cover to their failures. In Capitalism there would be no central banks, no FHLB, no Fannie, no Freddie, no war, no gov rationing of products, no USDA, no FTC, no Railroad Commission, etc. Basically no use of gov force for any type for protectionism or legal plunder.