Buying off-the-shelf products may cost you less upfront but they’ll cost you a whole lot more in the long-run.

We all love to bag a bargain. Whether for our business or our own wardrobe it’s great to get something for less than we think it’s worth.

That’s why those ready-made, cheap content products can look pretty tempting as you search for an affordable copywriter ​​​​​​​.

But there’s a problem with those off-the-shelf offers:

Affordability is not just about how much you spend today, it’s about how much value an investment will bring back to you in the long-run.

What seems like a bargain today may, over time, turn out to be an expensive mistake.

Today, I want to make the case for bespoke copywriting services. …

Your customers don’t care what you think.

Ok, that’s not 100% true. Your customers do value your opinion. After all, they come to you because they consider you an expert in your field.

But how often do you stop and question whether the information you give them, especially in online content, is exactly what they want or genuinely need?

It’s a common mistake: burying your head in your own expertise and failing to see what your customers actually need to know.

If you take-away anything from this article, let it be this:

Please please please, learn to give your customers relevant information. …

Of all the qualities we nurture in ourselves, our ability to endure is perhaps neither the most glamorous nor especially celebrated.

Yet endurance is at the very core of so many of our endeavours. From a successful career to a long-lived marriage, endurance rides beneath the flashpoints of passion and fleeting inspirations to keep the fire burning long after the sparks have died.

It’s time to discover why our ability to endure is so important to us today, and why we should be celebrating it.

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What can endurance helps us to grow?

Let’s begin on the same page: what is endurance, actually?

The Collins dictionary tells us that endurance…

Hiking in Japan is like walking through a different world.

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Often surrounded by patchwork paddy fields and fuelled by sushi and tofu pockets instead of sandwiches, these are adventures quite unlike those I have known in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe.

I have written several articles since returning from my trip in May 2017. These include challenging summit ascents as well as a half-day section of the historic Nakasendo Trail that is a hike that just about anyone can enjoy.

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They feature Mount Nantai in Nikko, Mount Yake in Kamikochi/Japanese Alps and Mount Tanzawa with its views of Mount Fuji) near Tokyo.

Read about my experience of these varied hikes, essential information for safe hiking and some tips for how to hike them like a local.

Read these articles here:

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A Landscape Memoir is the sub-title of Mark Tredinnick’s marvellous work of creative non-fiction. And in a little under 300 pages, he shows us that this is more than a vague poetic notion; it is an expression of the wisdom held in landscapes, and how our stories are woven into and by them.

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Read the full review here:

While crunching analytics data and researching the market are vital to creating great copy, they are not the only factors.

I’m here to celebrate and defend one increasingly overlooked aspect of what makes a great copywriter: creativity.

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Here’s why creativity has been struggling of late:

  • beautiful words are no good if they don’t answer your audience’s wants, needs and concerns,
  • compelling words are no good if they have no SEO value,
  • stunning prose is no good if it doesn’t deliver a clear message.

I don’t disagree with any of these points. After all, copy’s job is to deliver effective well-positioned messaging that responds to the reader’s emotions and persuades them to take an action. …


This word keeps popping up on my screen in recent days. Even Seth Godin sent a note about empathy to me this morning.

Now, this may be the intended result of some smart marketing ploy, but I’d rather not be overly cynical about the motivations behind this nagging insistence for attention.

Instead, I have come to believe that these empathy messengers are trying to tell me something. And I believe that something is crucial in understanding what is all too often missing from our marketing.

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Our Lives By Number.

To understand why empathy matters, I first need to lay a little context, and tell a couple of modern truths. …


Tom Pritchard

Copywriter, poet and storyteller. I create clarity, writing all the words that make a picture of a life.

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