How Much Did This Guitar Story Cost Me? $2,376.99
Washington Post

Getting back what I use to do. I made a living for 6 years teaching many how to play in my town. Yea I had to quit playing for about 7 years. My wife had a stroke and I had to take care of her. So my guitar work was over for awhile. When I got back into it. Of course I forgot a lot of the songs I use to get down with. And now I’m finding I have to learn myself all over again. Its a bummer. But Im doing it. I loved the blues and and played the Gospel in that way and had a lot of fun and the people liked it. I first started out at 12 years old with Jimmy Reed — got me doing what you want me. etc. I really got into Stevie Ray. And had alot of his songs down. But I just cannot seem to get back into it. So I have been just playing instrumentals lately and gospel. It actually sooth’s my pain from my loss of my wife. Thanks for your story. I liked it. I would liked to kept all my guitars and amps. But I got rid of most of them. I usely buy from a pawn shop now and fix them up myself. That is kind of fun as well. Ty