A few personal thoughts about the Visualized conference

Last Saturday –March 11th– I had the opportunity to talk on behalf of Accurat at the Visualized conference in Milan about the relationship and dialogue between designers and developers in our projects.

As the dust settled, I wanted to write down a couple of things about the relationship and dialogue in designing things and also, more generally, about the experience of the speech.

Speaking in public is not easy, at least the first few times, when you still have to build the confidence needed to feel at ease on stage.

This was by far the biggest audience I’ve spoken to…

On March 11th we had the chance to give a speech on a subject we are really passionate about, the struggling — but sometimes loving — relationship between Designers and Developers in data visualisation projects.
It’s something that we think needs an improvement, and the two don’t have to be isolated from the other but instead what we think works best is a continuous cooperation of the two.
This speech was written and delivered by Marco Bernardi,
cesare soldini and Tommaso Zennaro (me), with the help of giorgia lupi. …

Tommaso Zennaro

Interaction Designer at Accurat living in Milan, Italy. Passionate about the environment, music, science & technology.

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