Graphileon and Redis Labs become partners

Wageningen — January 27, 2020 — Redis Labs Inc., the company behind RedisGraph, world’s first property graph database that uses adjacency matrices to boost performance and Graphileon B.V., the inventor of graphy applications, today announced their partnership to allow RedisGraph users to manage data and build applications in Graphileon.

Diagram of the partnership between Graphileon and RedisLabs

RedisGraph is a graph native database based on a unique approach and architecture. It is the first graph database to model the graph as adjacency matrices. Cypher queries are translated to matrix operations executed over the powerful GraphBLAS engine. This new design allows use cases like identity and access management, fraud detection, and real-time recommendation to be executed orders of magnitude faster than any other graph database.

Graphileon is a versatile browser-based rapid application development framework based on graph technology. Users build applications simply by connecting function vertices using trigger edges, enabling agile development and clear visualization of application logic.

“The combination of RedisGraph and Graphileon enables our customers to enjoy fast and easy data management, and to query and analyze the data using the power of the Cypher query language and leveraging the specific strengths of RedisGraph”, says Pieter Cailliau, Principal Product Manager at Redis Labs.

Tom Zeppenfeldt, CEO of Graphileon said: “With the integration of RedisGraph with our platform, we reach out to the large community of Redis users, who will soon be able to rapidly prototype and deploy graphy applications, simply by linking function nodes using trigger edges.

About Redis Labs
Modern businesses depend on the power of real-time data. With Redis Labs, organizations deliver instant experiences in a highly reliable and scalable manner. Redis Labs is the home of Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory database, and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise that delivers superior performance, matchless reliability and unparalleled flexibility for high-speed transactions, recommendation engines, data ingest, fraud mitigation, real-time indexing, session management, and caching.

Redis Labs, ranked as a leader in top analyst reports on NoSQL, in-memory databases, operational databases, and database-as-a-service, is trusted by seven Fortune 10 companies, three of the four credit card issuers, three of the top five communication companies, three of the top five healthcare companies, six of the top eight technology companies, and four of the top seven retailers.
Redis has been voted the most loved database, rated the most popular database container, and #1 cloud database.

About Graphileon
Graphileon helps business consultants and information analysts to rapidly design and deploy graph-based applications by exploiting the agility of graph databases. Its flagship product, the Graphileon application development framework, occupies a central place in the graph technology landscape, providing access to multiple graph databases through flexible and interactive applications and dashboards.
Graphileon is based in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Visit or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: @graphileon.

Media Contact
Tom Zeppenfeldt
+31(0) 623 287 806



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Graphileon helps business consultants and information analysts to rapidly design and deploy graph-based applications by exploiting the agility of graphs.