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The origin of the phenomenon of education

Right from the appearance on earth to survive and develop human labor. In labor and in everyday life, man on the one hand produces material and spiritual goods, on the one hand, and perceives the world around him. In the course of that realization, people gradually accumulate many experiences including life experience, labor experience, natural conquest experience. Experience is increasingly abundant, from which people arise the need to convey that knowledge, experiences for each other. That is the origin of the phenomenon of education. At first, education emerged as a spontaneous phenomenon, occurring simply by observation-tear. Later education became a conscious activity. People gradually know the purpose, the content and find ways to manage the education effectively. Today, education has become a highly organized, high-level, programmable, modern-day programming activity that has come at a rapid pace and has become a dynamic one. The power to promote the rapid development of human society


According to its founders, access to quality education is often hindered by a number of factors, top among them being wealth or social class. Often, these are factors that are beyond the learner’s control or choice. As such, its founders are of the belief that everyone has a right to education, regardless of who they are, or where they come from.

It is a belief that raises an important question: what happens in situations when a learner is willing to learn regardless of where they are from? This is where LIKER comes in. It does this by:

  • Creating an ecosystem that will make it possible for the learner to pursue their studies
  • Opens an opportunity for any individual that may be interested in learning. This is an equal opportunity for all.
  • It rewards all the participants using the blockchain economy.

Nature of education

Education is a special social phenomenon, the nature of education is the transmission and acceptance of the social history of human generations, thanks to the education that successive generations have developed. cultural and human culture is inherited, and on that basis human society is constantly moving forward.
In order to develop creatively the ideas of education in the past, to approach modern educational ideas, we need to inherit the achievements and educational experiences in the history of education development of mankind.

Meeting all of these needs, the Liker World project was born. Hiding for the development of human education based on the blockchain foundation

Get rewarded 
 — As you study

  • Access to education is often limited by such factors as social class or wealth that are beyond our personal choice or control.
    - The right to education shoud be equal to anyone.
    - But what if a person is willing to learn regardless of where they are and when they want.
    - LIKER creates a right eco system for education.
    - LIKER opens the equal opportunity for anyone who wants to learn.
    - All participants in LIKER platform will get rewarded in blockchain economy.


Through a trust-based authentication system, platform educators interact with each other to create an educational ecosystem. Their education-related transactions and activities are compensated by economic tokens, which in turn lead to educational contributions. This creates a good cycle structure that brings more educational benefits to the blind spots. This is a task for all of us, a challenge for them, and the beginning of educational reform. Blockchain will make many efforts in line with the stage of technological development in many issues. First of all, they want to reach out to educated users through fair and transparent authentication and compensation through blockchain.



Constitutional concepts

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Chung-du, China Chain Technology Co., Ltd

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