Explored and had fun going in our very own National Museum with my friend Kevin Abela, we had fun appreciating artworks and reflecting on some of them. We were inspired and we want to be a very good artist someday.
This piece is done by an uknown artist, artist from bohol. XII station of the cross. It was inspired by the death of our savior Jesus Christ. This art gave me chills because it showed the struggle and the sacrifice that our savior did for us.
“A Tragic Lesson (The Fall of Bataan)” Piece made by Gene Cabrera 1957 Oil on canvas. This shows our beloved “Kababayans” the people who died during the attack in Bataan, lot of lives were taken. This piece made me feel sad.
“Dama II” Artwork made by Atipas Delovato 1994 Oil on canvas. The way I see this artwork is that it shows the violence and the influence of guns to us.
“Dr. José Rizal” piece by Zósimo F. Dimaano 1911 Graphite on paper. This artwork showcases our very own Pambansang Bayani, looking at this piece gives me inspiration and perseverance to be a better citizen of the Philippines.
“Bondage” painted by Papo De Asis 1993 Oil on canvas. The way I see the artwork is that this is how humans love and live their lives, us humans can sacrifice our selves for our love ones, even if it requires death.
“Man with a hoe” painted by Juvenal Sansó 1950 Oil on canvas. The art represents our beloved farmers. The one who works hard and produces rice for us to eat. But they are also the ones who are struggling and in poverty, this art is very inspirational for us.
“Mother and Child” painted by Cesar T. Legaspi 1952 Oil on panel. This certain artwork shows the relationship of a child to its mother. Mothers gives every child what they needed, without them, life would be very difficult to live and without mothers, it will be impossible to have a child.
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