Review — Pros and Cons of Bizagi BPM — Bizagi Alternatives
Frank J. Wyatt

Many other analysts, including Forrester, place Bizagi far behind its competitors. It has much less functionality, no applications (just a few widgets), no AI and only possibly supports machine learning through an offshore partner.

Also, Bizagi has only recently gone to a SaaS delivery model and has limited functionality compared to its on-prem product. The SaaS product is very expensive and requires consumption-base pricing.

What Bizagi does do better than some at is make it easier for business users to do some development, at least on simple processes. With other vendors it is unlikely it would be possible for most to do this.

Finally, Bizagi has had very slow development and release cycles, which is one of the reasons it is so far behind competitors. For now at least. It remains to be seen if Bizagi’s recent round of investment from Invus will help to turn things around, or just end up with Invus selling off Bizagi.

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