DR350- Trail Bike

DR 350 is a trail bike that is affordable with a single cylinder and a 4 stroke engine. It is available in different versions. The street –legal version of the DR350 is DR350S. It has no mirrors or license plate holder. In 1994 an electric starter was added and the name of the street –legal version was changed to DR350SE.

Its overall length is 2235mm and the overall width is 885mm and the height of the bike is 1245mm. The dry weight of the bike is 130kg. The rear brake and the front brake both have single disc and it is an air-oil cooled bike. The maximum output of the bike is 30hp.

What you should know about 350DR

DR350 is an unremarkable small motorcycle with a single cylinder engine which is air cooled and has 4 valves. The basic frame is of steel. It has a soggy suspension and an unbreakable chassis. The motor is as smooth as a turbine. It is a dual sport motorcycle that goes smoothly on the road, trail as well as the highway. DR350 offers pleasurable riding at minimum cost.

DR350 was more orientated for riding off the road with a full plastic fuel tank, tires that were knobby and a suspension that was better than its sibling S which had a metal fuel tank and road tires. It was designed more for the highway. The DRs which were off road bikes became commuter bikes and competed quite successfully in endures in clubs. The best part of the bike is a single 348cc cam engine.

Advantages of DR350

DR350 SE is a dual sport bike with an electrical start which is air –cooled. It is light and moves at good speed. This is a stock bike of low mileage which is comfortable for riding on and off the road. A kick-starter can be added to the bike by buying it separately and having it installed. The kick starter costs around $294.71.

You, can install a new battery not to have starting problem. The carb can be removed and cleaned for smooth functioning. You can get top selling parts of Suzuki DR350 online and if you buy parts worth more than $99 you will get free shipping.

Why Suzuki DR350 is considered the Best Bike?

Suzuki DR350 is cheap simple and rugged. It has a weedy engine and a poor finish and weighs just 130kgs. People who use bikes find it enduring and endearing. Many find the electric start version better than the kick start. Even in a new bike the suspension is very soft. The front brake of the bike is indifferent and the tires of the bike are knobby.

On the road Suzuki DR350 goes doggedly while the single cylinder motor allows you to burp at a reasonable speed. The gear-box is well planned with ratios that are better for off-road. Its power output is ideal for new riders. It is built for reliability and quality. Its essentials are very good. The motor of the bike is good for 50,000 miles and more. The suspension of the bike wears slowly and there is not much damage.

If you like a light bike that is good for on and off road riding this is the bike you can choose.

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