Coverlet Joins the .NET Foundation

It’s been a little over a year since I introduced Coverlet to the world and in that time it has grown bigger than I ever imagined it will. With this hyper growth comes an increase in pressure, and after increasing the core contributors to three, I believe the next step is to join the .NET Foundation.

What this means for Coverlet

The .NET Foundation was founded as an independent organization to foster open source development and collaboration. Joining the .NET Foundation gives us a lot of benefits ranging from legal help to marketing and ensures the continuity of the project in the event that the core contributors are unable to continue work on it.

Coverlet is not becoming a Microsoft product and things will mostly continue the same way. We will continue developing on GitHub, in full view of the community.

What this means for the community

For a regular user of Coverlet, nothing changes, except perhaps more confidence in using the project. For active and intending contributors, you’ll now be required to sign a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) before your PRs can be merged in. This way, your code is properly protected and legally set up in the right way.

This is an important and exciting milestone for Coverlet and helps us on our journey to become the de-facto standard for code coverage on the .NET platform.