Things You Should Never Do With Your Cartridge

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Nov 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Printer is an important output device in our daily life. Thus, you must care for your cartridges keeping the printer’s quality in mind.

The maintenance of your printer cartridges is solely dependent on two important aspects. The first is a tough plastic exterior, where cartridges can be very fragile when inappropriate pressure is exerted. Cartridges can get damaged, often leading to loss of print quality. Secondly, faulty cartridges can pose real health hazards, making it necessary to take strict precautions.

Caring for your cartridges

As a general rule, cartridges should never be exposed to extreme temperatures or prolonged sunlight, while the expiry date should also naturally be adhered to. Excessive shaking or dropping it onto a hard surface could damage your cartridge irreparably. Meddling with the cartridge’s cover or pulling out a cartridge while the printer is in use are both usually bad ideas.

Cartridges may seem pretty straight forward and don’t exactly strike as outrageously dangerous at the first glance, but handling them properly and carefully is important to save yourself all kinds of financial and personal difficulties.

There are some things you should avoid doing before installing a toner cartridge or bottle. Below is a quick, handy list for your reference.

Installing toner printer cartridges

When installing toner printer cartridges, you must be aware of certain circumstances which you must avoid .

Toner is out, there are warning signs and the printer is still printing:

It is important to avoid using a printer when the toner is out. Trying to force the machine to print will likely damage it.

Error message showing — toner not recognized:

If you receive an error message showing your toner is not recognized it is generally due to wrong type of toner. Printers and copier machines are specific in the kinds of toner they need. You can even use compatible or brother toner cartridges. But before choosing any cartridge, make sure that it is suitable for your machine. The message alert can also show if the toner is not placed securely in the slot.

Printing without toner installed:

It is important that you check before printing that you have toner in the machine. Printing without toner installed will result in blank or spotted pages and can also damage the printer, leading to breakdown.

Fade outs on prints:

This is an indicator that it is time to change your toner. Keeping the same empty or low toner cartridge is not a good idea. So remove the existing cartridge, wipe the area clean and get the new cartridge ready to install.

To enhance the longevity of your printer, these important tips are very crucial. Follow the rules as said and you can definitely get quality print outs for a long time.

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