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ToneTag Technology
Jan 14 · 2 min read
Banking with ToneTag

The moment someone utters the word ‘bank’, we generally visualize cheque books, files, tellers, and papers along with a number of crunching bankers in cubicles.But try explaining this to a millennial banking customer, he may miss the picture.

Today, banks have undergone a complete makeover, becoming more viable, accessible and hi-tech.Internet banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, e-wallets, etc. have made banking an evolving independent universe.

The Problem

Increasingly, people are getting accustomed to new age banking technologies while enjoying banking from the comfort of their homes.

But, it hasn’t removed the glitches in the system. Sharing of personal and sensitive data, prolonged transaction time & method, and reliance on data connection are some of the drawbacks existing in the system.

A Secure Payment

Your banking transaction needs to be secure leading to non-misuse of sensitive information.

ToneTag technology helps you to mitigate such risks by enabling you to make secure payments. All data that need to be shared are sent across in an encrypted form to the receiver. The customer enjoys a secure payment via sound.

Fast Transactions

If you step into a bank to make a transaction, first, you start by filling in the papers and then stand in a queue to complete the transaction. When making online payments, you still have to go through several steps to complete a transaction.

With ToneTag, you can avoid all these hassles. All details are sent across using sound waves in an encrypted form within a fraction of a second. You only need to approve and confirm the details to complete a payment. You can enjoy fast transaction and need not move through several steps to complete your banking transaction.

Convenient Payment

You don’t need to wait for the teller to enter your details manually & the receipt to get stamped and then collect the remaining balance.

ToneTag facilitates you to transact conveniently via sound.

Banking operations have transformed in the last decade and are evolving faster. ToneTag can make banking seamless. It can help maintain your privacy while allowing you to make quick offline transactions. This experience is something a banking customer can cherish with the evolving ToneTag technology.

ToneTag Technology

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ToneTag enables payments & proximity customer engagement services via secure sound waves, independent of the instrument or infrastructure.

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