Fear ye not. It is I

A boat on a stormy sea
“And they seeing him walking upon the sea, were troubled, saying: It is an apparition. And they cried out for fear. And immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying: Be of good heart: it is I, fear ye not.” ~ Matthew xiv, 26–27

Thinking Him to be a vision, they trembled and were shaken with fear. The disquiet in their hearts gains the envy of the stormy sea. Our Lord on His part is at peace within, and shows this with gracious steps on troubled waters.

“Fear ye not”

He exhorts them to make friends with peace of soul, anything but fear. It was still stormy, so their dispelling fear was not on the grounds of a coming calm. Nor of their conviction of Him who assures them of peace.

That they were not fully convinced was shown by the response of the Prince of the Apostles, “Lord, if it be thou, bid me come to thee upon the waters”
And come you will, O Blessed Peter, but upon the waters and through the storm.

It appears that, not only the courage to commence but the fixedness of the eyes of faith on Him who bids us come is necessary. Any other palpitation of the heart is to our discredit. It is enough to gaze on the Saviour. Let the raging storms get fiercer, let the waters ripple beneath our feet, our Saviour’s face is hope enough — it is He who bids us come.

“But seeing the wind strong, he was afraid”

The wind was strong before his first step, how come he notices it now? The countenance of Christ unchanged, how is it that the waters gave out a fairer sight?

“Lord, save me”

Drown, he went into the depths but for His outstretched hand, which not only pulls us up and out but leads us safely home.

Home is not here.

and when they were come up into the boat, the wind ceased

Yes, the storm will cease but we must have passed through it, with troubled waters beneath and His countenance before: we must fix our gaze, yet we must come to Him.

We are lost if we do not follow His bid to come, lost also are we if in going to Him, we move our gaze from He who bids us come.

It is He who bids us come, in the end it is He who comes to us, all our efforts are but shaky steps, puerile falls and ceaseless cries for help: therein lies the manifold Mercy of God.

Fear ye not, not because I’d calm the storm, not because you are fully certain of anything. Not for any other reason but this:

It is I

Words uttered by Jesus Most Sweet, from amidst the storm:

Nolite timere, Ego sum.