A Mind That’s Made Up

This is the look when you’ve decided you don’t give a damn how long it takes, how many rocks slip from under you, or how far your feet are off the ground... you’re gonna summit the mountain of your life or give your last breath climbing...

It’s the resolution you’ve made with the core of your being that says THIS is what you’ve been placed on this earth to do. THIS is what you’ll dedicate every moment of your existence to achieve.

I’ve been told many times that I’ll never be satisfied. Coming from people close to me as well as complete strangers… all of them have been absolutely right. Most recently it was a conversation about graduating from touring by car to an RV. The lady I was talking to said “you’ll get your RV… that’s for sure… but it won’t be enough. Next you’ll want a fucking yet”!

It’s a fire that burns inside that says “I’ll fight, scrap, & suffer for what I need until I get it. Then once I achieve it… I’ll search for another mountain to climb.” It’s a need… a hunger… a drug. This type of reality takes an almost inhuman level of commitment to constantly besting myself. It takes a mind that’s completely made up…

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