‪People have got to be who they are. If not, they wilt away like a flower without sunlight & water.

I have a reoccurring thought that permeates though my mind daily. “The hardest thing to be is yourself; in a world that wants you to be who IT wants you to be… until you do something great… then the world wants to be just like you.” ‬

This is a reality that snuffs out so many beautiful people and possibilities, especially when we look at creative or highly ambitious people. Just like a doctor or a lawyer needs a certain amount of space and time to be who they are, an artist has to be given the freedom to be an artist. An architect has to be given the freedom to be that. An entrepreneur has to be given the space to be his or own truth.

It goes way beyond what you see as a final outcome. It’s the hours of preparation, the years of continuous study, it’s the ventures into the world to find inspiration, and it’s the eery thousand yard stare into the abyss of creativity that spawns the beautiful the outside world is so entertained by.

Most of the times, there is a considerable amount of internal chaos and struggle going on with highly ambitious people trying to cope in the world that’s been set up for us. It’s just simply not set up in a way that fosters unorthodox thinking or non-traditional living.

I remember something an older lady, who son had took his life because of stress caused bu a stalker, said to me after a show years ago. She said, “artists are the strongest yet weakest people on the face of the earth. So protect yourself.” It took some time to understand exactly what she meant… but eventually I did; and all too well.

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