Tending to the Craft…

Finally got a much needed and sought after songwriting night! This came about completely by accident with a lovely story to go along with it. One day my son calls with a request from left field. “Daddy can you come for my first day of school”. Mind you, he lives in Maryland… clear across the country! Without hesitation I say, “of course”… Fast forward a month, I make the trip across the country by car, mainly because I’m a complete nutcase! However, I wasn’t crazy enough not to bring every acoustic guitar I own.

That’s how I found myself lodging at a dear friends house in Delaware for two weeks, where one night I had the house completely to myself. Out in the countryside, rain storm howling… I pulled out all the guitars and sat down to finish up some songs I had been working on. Nothing but the sound of acoustic guitars and my voice singing into the night filled the air. It was fantastic to be able to pull out all the tools so every part of the machine can get oiled up… We have to always have time, make space and find solitude to tend to our craft. I can’t wait to share these new songs with the world both live and through upcoming recordings.

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