Winter Tour Night 1 Topped Off With A Soul Stirring Salute

Well it’s back to the road for a month long non-stop concert run. Last night at Artifice in Las Vegas couldn’t have been a more memorable start. Not only was it a great comfort to play only 20 minutes from home, but the soul stirring salute I received from a new fan was a wonderful token and reminder for the road ahead.

In the midst of playing my heart out, through one of those odd moments where you don’t really know if you’re connecting with the audience or not, a scruffy guy with a scarf around his head makes his way up to the front of the stage. At the end of the song he says to me, “I’m really going through a hard time right now, but hearing your music has turned my whole day around.”

Wow… That was totally unexpected. It seems that we both needed some deliverance. In the middle of my own internal questioning, this guy unknowingly gave me the confirmation I needed. All the while, he was getting exactly what he needed through my music.

I kindly thanked him and dedicate the next song to him. It was “In These Eyes”, from my latest album No Road Too Long. Though the song is about my youngest son, I felt it was a positive uplifting story that might mean something to this guy. During the song, I noticed him sitting on the floor indian style with his head lowered. Not exactly sure what he was doing, but at the end of the song he walked back up to the stage, took a stone charmed necklace from around his neck and laid it on my keyboard.

Of course my initial thought was to refuse to take it. Not that the jester didn’t mean something to me; because it did. It’s like, “no, that’s yours… why would you give it to me?” Then I realized that he was extending a token of his appreciation and that it would be disrespectful not to accept it. It’s funny how, if he had laid $1000 on the stage I would’ve have thought twice about taking it. However, when someone gives a personal token, a priceless article, it seems like too much or in some cases it seems like it’s not enough.

So it got me thinking… that giving money is many times the easy thing to do. There’s no emotion attached to it. Digging in my pocket to give $20 versus taking off my shoes and handing them over to a person with no shoes is infinitely more difficult. Yet, many times we only consider financial rewards as success. When when have that type of tunnel vision it blinds us from so many other soul stirring rewards that feed the spirit. It’s not about how much it cost… it’s about impacting someone so deeply that they feel so moved that they HAVE to give you a part of themselves just to say thank you.

Am I saying don’t give me money? Hell no… I need that too! lol What I AM saying is that to give his necklace to me was 100 times more meaningful than the few dollars he may or may not have had in his pockets. It was the truest form of gratitude that he could show in the moment. —

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