My Birth to the StartUp World

I was drawn into the startup world after my high school buddy Mirza pitched me on becoming his partner in crime in a “graphics company”. Well…any grade 11 kid with some Photoshop knowledge often deemed themselves as design experts. Nevertheless, we managed to get a few clients (aunt included) and made our summer of hard work in 2007 well worth it. I was hooked. Mirza opened my eyes to the possible freedom of entrepreneurship. Since then, I immersed myself in the startup scene and co-founded 3 other ventures. Pops always encouraged me to become an owner of a business, because he felt I would gain invaluable experiences I cannot gain elsewhere. The experiences forced me to become versatile and capable in all aspects of a startup, learning complementary skills along the way only encouraged and motivated me to become a better and more effective startup founder the next time around. I live my life often wanting to emulate a common household cleaning product, the sponge, soaking up as much knowledge as possible, and when they’re needed…just squeeze!

Scott Dinsmore asked the audience in a recent Ted video, “ what is the work you can’t not do?” Without even thinking, innovative technology came to my mind. Working on disruptive solutions that solves the world’s problems in a scalable way is a thought that gives me chills and shivers every time. My past experiences have only deepened my affection for the innovative lifestyle I look forward to living. Although the exact future path may appear dim lit, the exploration down the alley of my passion in technology is undoubtedly a journey I am excited to take.