The importance of mind blowing information

Generation Y’s trigger for humility and curiosity

Barney Tong
Apr 8, 2014 · 2 min read

It all just clicks together in less than a split second. The facts were laid out in front of our eyes the whole time. But somehow, someway, we only realise the phenomenon now.

A mind blowing revelation allude feelings that are only articulable by the experienced.

It might have came from a meme, Facebook post, article, book, or a conversation that made you go, “WOW, MIND…BLOWN”.

Imagine a circle that represents all of the knowledge you ever accumulated since birth. Learning expands the circle by applying the outward pressure along the circle’s edge. But mind blowing information are points located so far away from the circle’s perimeter that they challenge your paradigms for the world.

In order to accept the newly discovered information, we must, in a way, have the audacity to momentarily disregard our historic perceptions (“knowledge circles”) to even consider the possibility, leap of faith if you will, the chance of accepting something beyond our scope of knowledge. Humility.

According to the scientific method, the proof of legitimacy is imperative to the learning of truths. Therefore, it is only rational to question claims that seems impossible. Thus, we seek answers that derive from logical reasoning and deduction. Curiosity. Only then, we may consider information as a legitimate mind blowing revelation.

Mind blowing information has a hidden drive that motivate humans to seek real answers. It almost becomes an addiction to persistently discover new revelations that would evoke the indescribable feeling of being mind blown.

Curiosity becomes the paths of logical deductions that bridges the edges of our knowledge circles to the points of mind blowing information.

It is only when the paths are discovered, where the information stem revelations.

As humans, we were born curious. But the stagnant progress of the educational system extinguishes the roaring fire of curiosity that once kindled our thirst for knowledge.

Imagine a society where students are motivated to jump out of bed every morning for the upcoming mind blowing class or lecture. That spark, that burning desire of learning, is what we should strive for as citizens of the world. Psychologists calls it intrinsic motivation. Generation Y calls it being mind blown.

Mind Blowing Information + Humility + Curiosity =Mind Blowing Revelation

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