Is real-time marketing work for local brand?

The case study — BBQ Plaza

Have you ever wondered about marketing in other countries? Is it similar to your country? How do people in other countries response about it? Therefore, I’m going to demonstrate about marketing tactics that are really popular in Thailand which is real-time marketing. Real-time marketing is a strategy that focuses on current trends or news and immediate response to customer feedback, mostly real-time marketing is used in digital media. One reason of this is because it’s easier to make consumers shared the same experience from current trends. Moreover, some marketers believe that real-time marketing can build customer relationship through social media.

However, there’re some challenges about real-time marketing. Econsultancy stated that more than half of brand marketers found that getting data and insights from real-time are the biggest challenge. Since everything can become viral too fast especially in Thailand. For example, a girl has posted her video clip on social media while she got mad because her meal was stolen by someone. After this video clip becomes viral in over a night. However, people had talked about this funny story for a few days, before the new trendy viral is spread. Therefore, brand marketers have to be able to monitor stories and create contents such as artwork in order to post in digital media and approve them immediately or else it might be too late. In other words, staffs have to be agile and ready to response to customer’s feedback all the time even in after-hours. This is the reason why some companies choose to outsource. But is it really work? Since brand’s staffs should know about their companies better than outsource. Moreover, to create a good advertising it needs time to think about it critically. So this might lead to non-effective advertising.

This is the reason why some brands choose to do real-time marketing with news that can be predicted by a fixed schedule. For instance, iPhone 7 will be launched at the beginning of September. Therefore, some brands decide to do real-time marketing with iPhone 7 launched, for example, Barbecue Plaza, a famous barbecue restaurant in Thailand, decided to launch their advertising about their new black pan in the same month too. But how this advertising considered as a real-time marketing. You will find out after watching the below clip.

The Secret of Black Pan (BarBQPlazaThailand, 2016)

It can be seen that their advertising style is pretty similar to iPhone’s presentation such as lighting, font’s style and colour. As a result, this advertisement became viral in a short time, by gaining 22,200 likes on Facebook, 4,500 comments, and 800 shares. This is because BBQ plaza’s pan is a unique point of their brand that has been used as a brand logo.

Barbecue Plaza’s signature grilled and their Logo (BarBQPlazaThailand, 2016)

So this is absolutely a massive change of Barbecue plaza. However, sometimes consumers can remember advertising instead of brand. Surprisingly, what make consumers remember brand is how another consumer response to that campaign just like this case study. After BBQ Plaza launched their campaign, in the same day one of their fan pages has been photoshopped iPan 7s as iPhone parody.

Barbecue Plaza denied about iPan 7s (BarBQPlazaThailand, 2016)

Consequently, It became viral by 1,200 retweets within 17 minutes only after posted and even more popular from BBQ plaza’s joke to denied that they’re produced only black colour, but they can provide wireless chopsticks with more space for soup. During that time my Facebook feed was full of my friends pictures with black pan. I believe that most of people in Thailand had faced the same experience like me too.

Even though it seems like an ordinary case study about the successful real-time marketing. Don’t you still think that it looks too good to be true? It’s hard to define that it is just a lucky incident or something that marketer planned to do. Since this advertising become viral which could lead to word of mouth. Therefore, word of mouth are uncontrollable things, so marketers better use it wisely.

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