Subconscious and Ideas

How to chasing your own tails

Sometimes, when stuck with seemly impossible problems, we crave for idea generator, an machine spilling out ideas. Unfortunately, we have to rely on our brains. So how does our brains generate ideas and how to facilitate that?

Contrasting natures

Conscious and Subconscious are two species and they have contrasting natures:


  • Sequential
  • Path-finding like
  • Need attention and energy
  • One task at a time


  • Parallel
  • High level
  • Draw massive information
  • Less focused
  • Multitasking

Working together

For sure, they work closely together. Once subconscious finds something interesting like desire for a run or idea on inventing new dishes, it will pop up to your conscious and that’s how your ideas are generated. However, your subconscious needs to draw huge amount of information and stay awake in order to produce magic, so how could we maintain active state of subconscious?

  • Avoid high pressure. Your conscious will dominate and your subconscious will go away.
  • Workout, sleep well so blood flow well through your brain.
  • Discuss with people, teach each other stuff. By far, the most useful thing for myself. It keeps a useful and implicit context but keeps your immediate attention away.
  • Don’t pay to much attention for uninteresting stuff. Let your mind wander.


Subconscious is where your ideas coming from and you can keep it active if you know the tricks. Most of time, it’s much more enjoyable than bangging your head against walls.

There is the underpinning philosophy

Don’t try too hard!

Keep your goal in your mind, but out of your sights. Enjoy yourself and creativity will come.

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