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My two-year personal financial plan.

Help me stick to it. I’ll detail it in a future, full-length Medium article.

I maintain and update quite a few notes in Google Keep. They’re all subject to change.

I‘m always thinking about the intersection between process and goals. Respecting the process and adapting your goals to your present and ideal state of mind and attendant vision might be the most important element of sound and thoughtful personal finance.

Don’t scoff or judge on the girlfriend part. It makes sense. I’ll detail that too.…

Don’t waste time trying to “think.”


Most productivity advice out there assumes you’re some lazy slob who can’t stop looking at your phone.

I beg to differ.

You’re really just someone with two jobs and maybe a kid, or a sick aunt. You have big dreams, but no time to work on them. Your unconscious mind can help, through a process called incubation.

Incubation is simply the act of putting your unconscious mind to work on a problem while the rest of you gets other things done.

In a few minutes, you’ll know how to do that.ıspor-v-en-gb-1jnq-6.phpıspor-v-en-gb-1odz-3.phpıspor-v-en-gb-1otb-17.phpıspor-v-en-gb-1ngv-15.phpıspor-v-en-gb-1eac-9.phpıspor-v-en-gb-1aff-14.phpıkesirspor-Baltok-v-en-gb-1lez-13.phpıkesirspor-Baltok-v-en-gb-1vwm-17.phpıspor-v-en-gb-1kvk-.phpıspor-v-en-gb-1hnr-14.phpıspor-v-en-gb-1noo-1.php…

How you can use these pandas methods to transition from Microsoft Excel to Python, saving you serious time and sanity.

Photo by Pascal Müller on Unsplash

For this article, I will assume you’re working in Anaconda/GitHub/VS Code etc having already imported pandas into your script with the alias pd

1. Import an Excel file's-Quay-Nomads-Cardiff-Met-v-en-gb-1pzk-13.php's-Quay-Nomads-Cardiff-Met-v-en-gb-1tin-13.php's-Quay-Nomads-Cardiff-Met-v-en-gb-1qve-13.php…


Cambridge medicine grad, striving to improve healthcare through technology and education.

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