Football Community App

Say goodbye to empty pitches

Football — read soccer for US users

Many of football games canceled just because we didn’t have that one or two players to fill blanks on the pitch, so 5-on-5 game become 5-on-4 game and it automatically lose its competitive spirit.

That’s what is happening constantly around me, and I feel it as a problem. Many teams have 8–9 players that are willing to play a match but they can’t have full satisfaction of playing because they didn’t find that last guy to join a match.

On the other hand, there are some peoples that would like to play football but they don’t have a team to join.

And that’s where Flick On Football app comes in. It will join these two kinds of peoples together.

I’m big fan of football and from my early life I’m playing football so I know what I would like to have and what is missing out there. Knowledge of programming just help me to achieve that, but the part of loving football has a much higher impact to have a better product at the end.

What’s in it for me?

Everyone can use the app and find matches based on their current location.

You can join to a existed matches or you can create your own.

You will earn a reputation for every match you attend and other players can see your reputation and decide whether you are a faker or truly player who will attend to match. We all hate that people who don’t show on the match. Now as a team leader you can kick it and clear place for others.

You will get your portion of football but most important you can meet new friends, and for any other match you can invite friends to match. They will get a notification that you create a match and they can join easily.

Wrap up

I can say that I am really happy that app is out there. A success of app depends on how many people are active users. Be part of the change and help us in creating football community. We all have one goal to spend less time on planning match and more time on playing.

There are so many plans to do on the app, like:

  • creating your private team so you could track results for each game through the season
  • special section for tournaments (get tournaments near you and paying registration fee from the app)
  • increase app to other sports

And at the end, the app will be available for Android in short time.

I hope that you will find app useful, here is a link and I would like to hear your feedback. Thanks.