Dec 1, 2019 · 1 min read

I had never been inside a Hammam. The idea and my friends’ enthusiasm made me look forward to the experience.

My friend and I checked in at the front desk and had a chaperon take us to the dressing quarters where we were offered robes and a key for lockers to put all our belongings in. While waiting for my friend to emerge from her dressing cubicle, I took to observing all the details of the space. On the lockers were white sheets of paper with various instructions which mentioned often how serene the place was. Lovely, I thought, this should be amazing.

50 mins later we were sat in the lounge, resting with cups of ginger tea. I turned to my friend, shouting, Serene? the generators drowning the sound of her laughter.

#IJGB #WelcometoLagos #Christmastime


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*Eternally Loved* Daughter of the King. Edo princess. UX evangelist, Designer

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