What Uber taught me about grace

For a long time, I turned my nose up at Uber, Why should I use them when the local cabbie is cheaper and one doesn’t have to bother with the whole rating business. Then the tide began to turn and I had to swallow my words.

It wasn’t just the convenience, there was much more to it, it just worked. Then came the hospital runs, “Do you work there?” one Uber driver asked. This time I got to know her, Romanian expat with two little kids and a husband who drives as Uber too. It’s not just the convenience, it’s the people, real ones

One day I was sat with friends and mentioned I never give 5 stars because there is always room for improvement. The look I was given absolutely ate me up. I began to ask myself questions.

What would it take from you Ekpemi, do you think you would be telling a lie if you gave a driver 5 stars? How about this?. Change the standards then. If a driver drops you safely at home, give 5 stars. Fair enough I thought. And I began to give the five stars, even to the driver that shouted on me while I was visibly ill for not being at his car in the 2mins that had elapsed from his arrival. No, he didn’t deserve it but I gave it any way, that’s what grace is about, plus, I got home safe.

Somehow my rating also improved along the way as well, without expecting it.

Grace is for giving not witholding, it’s not an exchange or for expecting.

So here’s to more 5 stars, and not just to Uber drivers. And to learning how to drive as my mum wouldn’t pass up an Uber trip to inform me of my deficiency


I don’t know why but I like Travis, plus Uber has been good to me and my heart goes out to him deeply, losing a parent (loved one) is not easy. Stay Strong