Journal Entry

What warrants a yelling response? When mistakes are made and there is an opportunity of communication? How far of a reaction is too far? The abrupt emotions … too far this way and too far that way… very happy and very sad. Today a 4 year old was shoot in my home town of Albuquerque. She was an innocent bystander to road rage. How far is too far? When we argue with people over things so simple… little issues… things that can be replaced. Emotions that can pass. Simple. I am sure no amount of getting cut off on the freeway was worth taking the life of another being. A being that was not even able to fully understand all that was to come with life. Enjoy her first day of school. Come home to tell her parents about the exciting things she had learned that day. Jesus. We need you now Lord more than ever. We are too sensitive.. too guarded… too prideful… too insecure. Stuck on just the present and not focused enough on the future and what we are doing to our whats to come. There is so much going on .. but not enough love. My dad always told me … love prevents you from hurting those around you. It seperates the impulsive from the thoughtful. This word could use a little bit more love tonight. A little bit more wisdom… A little bit more kindness.


Sincerely clinging onto hope…