“Biting stuff & chasing shit” b/c it’s Monday

Monday get a bad rep. It signals the end of a glorious weekend of grand plans that faded into couch-loafing and binge-watching. But even if our grand plans didn’t pan out as planned, we still don’t want to let this weekend go; we don’t want to be slapped back into the reality of being on a schedule of someone else’s making, stewing in traffic, scarfing down greasy bagged lunches between boring ass meetings.

Yet Monday also signals a fresh start — a new chance with a new week in which this time we’ll get time with the manager to ask for that raise, we can erase the bad eating of the weekend with a good morning workout and we can get the diet right! We are excited and ready to roll!

Ah, but then very early in the day something goes wrong. You walk into the break-room for a cup of caffeine and see that some cheerful asshole came in and dropped off a dozen of Krispy Kreme glazed (this is the south darlin’ — boooo Dunkin’!)We know there’s no power in the world to overcome the pull of the “Hot” sign in a Krispy Kreme window. You will risk wrecking your car to get into that parking lot if that sign is on. So forgive Cheerful asshole -they probably had no choice. (See evidence below. You feel a tug on your stomach even just looking at it, don’t you? I know you do).


But, now that you stand looking at your goo-glazed fingers after inhaling two of them and all is lost and who’s fault is it — it’s Monday’s! Everything goes wrong and now your day, -no your week- is shot! Thanks a lot Monday!

We put a lot of pressure on Monday to start our week right. It has a lot to live up to because it ruined our weekend!

Let’s stop this mess. Let’s give Monday a break. Every day, every hour is a new chance to get a workout in, to make better eating choices, to ask for what you’re worth, to make progress in your life. You can have fun on Monday’s just like you can on Saturday’s if you get the idea out of your head that Monday is a day of doom and gloom.

Every day, you can complain or you can be grateful. Every day, you can make excuses or you can show up. Every day, you can pout around about everything that’s wrong or you can do everything you can to make it right.

Like it says above — Shark’s don’t swim around being upset that it’s Monday. There are seals to eat, boats to bite, random dangling human appendages to check out. It doesn’t give a shit that it’s Monday!

So what will you decide today? I say, Go be a fucking a shark! Monday ain’t got nothing on you!

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