Andela 21 — My day one

I started this day on a high note though I was feeling under the weather having traveled the previous day. I was at Andela on time ready to catch up as I was two days late. I was calm than usual and got to asking my colleagues about what they have been working on. One of my friends assisted me and I was able to start working on my trello board.

The morning went on well but upon completing the morning exercises I started feeling kinda sick. I ignored it as just my body responding to tiredness. Anyway I continued with my work though at a slow pace. I decided to be thorough and understand all that I was doing.

Problems escalated in the afternoon. My tummy was so paining, I was feeling so tired and I just wanted to go home. I managed to do some little work and left by 5 pm. Right now I just want to go home and rest since I feel like my head is on fire not mentioning the hot weather out here. Hope I will reach home early though this traffic is just not moving. I’ve crossed my fingers….I know tomorrow will bring happiness and more knowledge.