Andela Boot Camp — Day Two

This day was so awesome but let me not get carried away. I’ll start from the beginning.

First of all today I got to Andela very early…you can call it determination, passion or whatever fancy word suits the situation, all I know is that I woke up ready to make a difference today. The weather was also not that bad. I got into preparing the last touches on the food for thought we had the previous day as I was the one to present and boy was I nervous!!!

We got right to our usual warm ups around 9:00 am. Thirty minutes of pure fun and mind juggling activities. We did split into two groups since we are many. I manged to be the winner in one of the games, you can imagine the feeling. Anyway we got back to class to focus on the business of the day which you know starts with us presenting on the food for thought “How to share code”. Ideas were flowing, discussions came up and I got to learn a lot, like I didn’t know anything about cloud computing. My turn came for presenting and I believe I did a good job..fingers crossed..

Now unto the business of the day which was mainly github.

I asked myself why is it important to share code and why is github the best when it comes to code sharing? I got some good answers from comparison of version control software and many other sites. So github is like the coolest of them all We got into the try git tutorial. I’ll just jot downn some of the things to do when working on a project relating to github:

  • Create a repository online on your github account and it is good practice to add a README file just to elaborate more on what your project does and its implementation.
  • Clone it to your machine using git clone command and put the URL for your repository which is easily gotten online.
  • Work on your project and make sure to commit any changes you make on your files using git push command.
  • You can also use git reset command to go back in time especially if you want to revert your commits.
  • The list is long and git has a lot, the git user documentation gives you all that you need.

So finally we did some simple coding and pushed it to github just to get practical experience. Personally I have done two projects currently and github enables you to create a portfolio of your work which makes it easy for you to showcase your work either to clients, employers or even friends.

The day was finally over, just like yesterday I didn’t get home early so as to do some studies and interact with other people too. I believe it was a day well spent. I am sure to learn new stuff tomorrow.