Far From Sympatico

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Photo: Sky Sports

In a Manchester City football (soccer)game against Arsenal yesterday, striker Sergio Aguero disputed a call made by female ref Sian Massey-Ellis and when doing so, grabbed her by the shoulder in a manner which many women (and some men) instantly recognised as an aggressive power move. Here it is -


It was enough of a shocker that football commentators immediately remarked in their post-match commentaries, and then (natch) it blew up on social media. On the few threads I ventured in to, there was gas-lighting galore, along with a huge dollop of dismissal, and it ran the gamut. …

Do Mansplaining

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On Saturday, October 3rd, UN Women tweeted out some advice on how men might avoid Mansplaining. It seemed like pretty good advice to me, and much needed if the examples on Twitter are anything to go by. Seriously, type it in and get a load of what women have to put up with on the reg. It’s a thing.

The advice was not that hard to follow either, as you can see.

Then came the inevitable onslaught. Hoo Boy, it did not disappoint. Well, I mean obviously it disappointed big time, but was oh, so predictable.

First came the deniers — Women are “hunting for issues that don’t’ really exist”. Guys — If women are telling you that they’ve been Mansplained to, and bringing receipts, then it exists. Again, read some of the ridiculous examples. There’s the one where crack journalist Carole Cadwalladr had her own research thrown at her by a guy telling her to “keep up” with the topic. Oh, yes, she did. …

It’s not “nothing”

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Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash

After the explosive 2018 findings of widespread sexual harassment and bullying in the UK’s House of Commons, a three-hour training session was developed for everyone at Parliament. Entitled “Valuing Everyone”, it became mandatory for new MPs after the 2019 election.

Although blatant stuff like grabbing bums and slobbering over staffers is no longer tolerated (as much), it seems there’s no letting up when it comes to low-level sexism, or micro-aggressions. …


Toni Hargis

Author, Columnist, Feminist, Repatriate, UK-US citizen.

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