Patriarchy is killing the planet?
Abdussalam Kishmeri

What a VILE dishonest postulation! The degradation of our planet is the result of 12,000 years of deforestation, over-hunting, over-fishing, over-grazing, over-farming, indiscriminate exploitation of mineral resources and burning of fossil fuels. You FEIGN ignorance of the fact that a Planet is a BIG THING…. an ECOSPHERE a heck of a huge, complex set of systems of stupendous complexity and it takes more than a mere 100 years to even make a single mark on it. But PATRIARCHY has been around for 12,000 years, as far back as the Civilisations of Harappa, Mohenjo-daro, Meherghar, Jericho, Tumbuktu… ALL these Patriarchies exhibited unbridled GREED, to glorify the PATRIARCHS… MEN like the three Darius, Xerses, Artaxerses, Alexander, Gengis Khan, Kubla Khan, the Moghul, the Israelites, Emperors of the Chinese, Persian, European Patriarchies.. THEY they plundered the Earth just to show what BIG WILLIES THEY HAD! Hundreds of Elephants, Thousands of horses, tens of thousands slaves, millions of subjects, forced to glorify MEN.. And what of their courts? Thousands of acres to grow the lavish lifestyles of these Patriarchs and their followers, THOUSANDS of women, enslaved, sexually, physically, spiritually, bearing children like cattle. There is a special kind of HELL for maggots like you, whose dishonesty matches only that of the likes of Donald Trump, Theresa May and Marine Le Pen! In that place you will have eternity to ponder on your filthy, excremental soul! MEN HAVE ALMOST KILLED THE EARTH AND ONLY WOMEN CAN SAVE HER!!

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