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I will be the first to agree that sometimes things just don’t interest everyone and there is something to the notion that these sometimes fall along gender or racial lines, however I’d stop short of saying it’s a genetic predisposition based on gender or race. Cultural perhaps — and I don’t mean cultural in a negative way.

I don’t have an interest in makeup (I wear what I have to in order to get by because society seems to feel like I have to wear some makeup or I’m looked up on negatively), fashion, being a mom, home decor other than my home being pleasant, and I detest having to go to hen parties. I like cars and motorsports. I work in tech because I’m “good with computers” and managed to turn it into a job I really enjoy. My husband is over the moon about the fact that I share his interests. He thinks it’s the best thing ever and honestly, as long as I’m presentable when we go out — and I feel the same about him — he doesn’t care if I’m wearing makeup or high heels (I NEVER wear heels) or the latest fashions. Nothing makes him happier than if I want to poke around under the hood of a car with him. I hate to think that makes me some sort of genetic freak.