How about you tell me yours, and then we see where that takes us? ☺
Natasha Kurien

From the older age(60s-70s) that I hail from there were those who were the consumer/consumed and those who turned their backs to all that damned nonsense. It would be like the difference between disco and fusion jazz. My saddest moments were those where I witnessed that not knowing how to choose, that not doing even if wrong against a death was the alternative. It is conform or rebel because there was no internal drive to simply do. Those tied to the lessons from pain vs those who avoid pain at all costs. There was a line from a Trek movie where Kirk replies to someone who wants to take away his pain as a cure all- Said Kirk, “I need my pain, it makes me who I am”. When I die I want to be sure that there are plenty of scars, physical and mental, to mark that journey.

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