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Why to create a Frontend framework…

Toni Pinel
Feb 10, 2015 · 2 min read

… if there are a lot of good options?

Yes I know, there are some frontend framewoks real good out there, and even that I’m creating Frontendcore. What’s the reason of this?

I can do it better

Nop. It’s not true, for example all the scss code behind foundation it’s really good and I don’t think I’m able to do it better.

I have a new system pretty cool

Nop. AngularJS is pretty cool… from the infinity and beyond. It’s the most innovative way to work and my framework it’s not going to beat it.

Because in the real life you need to do it well and do it fast

Exactly. That’s what my framework should do… I want to build a frontend framework for the real life. A real problem solver that helps developers to code their sites, fast and get control of all the elements to reach beautiful designs.

Most of the times you are rethinking always the same, (the grid system, how to do it responsive, how to manage the JS, the same UX problems with forms… etc). That’s what Frontendcore needs to solve, and that’s what I need to do well.

I have a multidisciplinary profile (UX, design, Frontend developer and Javascripter) and I can get all what matter in each discipline and put it work together free for the community. That’s my vision, and that’s my promise to Frontendcore users.

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