Running to My Mother
Eileen Stanley Conway

All mothers are the same: they did their best and created us, gave birth to us; and most careful and educated in the way of their possibilities. The bad and the good in this world is that everything that is, at a certain point, ends; if it were not life could not be. So there is no life without death: death fixes everything to have life again; and life fixes everything so that death is always there to act, to do their work. And this is the beauty, the grandeur of life.

But to see this beauty and all its extraordinary proceeding, one has to understand that death does not come in an instant, but it is always there with us, so that when he comes running to what touches end, who gets to finish not surprise us and lead us to pain and human misery for the loss of such an important such as parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances be.

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