On Sale Now — Steve Bannon’s “Totalitarian Diet!”
Allan Ishac

How can people vote for racist, xenophobic, misogynist politicians? They are likely to vote, because they are full of hatred of old politicians, who do not solve problems. Or, they may be so ignorant that they do not know anything. Only listen to those politician’s liars, tricksters, who tell them that only they are going to solve the problems.
 Until time goes by and realize that those lying politicians, phony, do not solve their problems either. And listen to another politician, new, unknown, who also tells them that all problems, if they are voted, will disappear.
 For politicians, play with the ignorance of people. And that’s why they make antics, they put up exhibitions, shows, threaten, vociferate, lie. These are your favorite weapons. Everything else, politics comes around.
 For the government is so complicated, that only those who command have access, dark and intricate, politics and power.

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