It’s not the first time I hear/read something like this.
Aura Wilming

Agreed. From looking it up a bit more, this paragraph summed it up for me

“Gay men are perceived also as a threat to male dominance and control, and the homophobia expressed against them has the same roots in sexism as does homophobia against lesbians. Visible gay men are the objects of extreme hatred and fear by heterosexual males because their breaking ranks with male heterosexual solidarity seen as a damaging rent in the very fabric of sexism. They are seen as betrayers, as traitors who must be punished and eliminated. In the beating and killing of gay men we see clear evidence of this hatred. When we see the fierce homophobia expressed toward gay men, we can begin to understand the ways sexism also affects males through posing rigid, dehumanizing gender roles on them.” — Suzanne Pharr

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