3 Success Stories That Went Beyond the Most Common Fears for New Reps

Toni Vanschoyck
Apr 4, 2019 · 3 min read
Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

“Jump and the net will appear!” advice doesn’t work for everyone. Every network marketer has had to tackle a set of fears in order to move past whatever season they’re in. Here’s how.

These stories may seem familiar because they’re all about that next step after fear runs its course; every professional has that “breaking in” period, and for some, the cycle of “failing forward” can last longer than hoped for:

— After three failed businesses and years of disappointment, she finally succeeded at a new idea that she hadn’t even thought to pursue.

— After failing to make that sales goal, he had a great story to tell, even though the whole episode was nerve-wracking as hell. He recovered and learned, and hasn’t missed any goals since.

— After losing a client from poor communications skills, she trained for best practices when it comes to calls and in-person meets.

These professionals -and their familiar stories -are what happens when a network marketer pushes beyond those awful moments when all that mentoring, team-building and previous experience falls short of a manageable -or a BHAG -goal.

Common fears for new sales representatives include the fear of missing sales goals (and quotas), asking for the business, losing customers, rejections, and simply calling clients on the phone. While there is a large turnover rate for new partners, once that initial period of training and fear burns off, there are no limits to what is possible.

She planned for “No”

When someone told her the product wasn’t possible, or that it wouldn’t move, she invested to see it through. She pursued all leads, asked all the right questions, and sacrificed enough so that if all those “no’s” started to haunt her, there were foundations to help her move on to the next network or project. Rejection is key to the next step -and the step after that. If there isn’t any learning, however, then a good rejection is wasted, and the next success won’t seem so full.

Ask for the business only when you want it

Asking for business can be daunting -even when it’s the job! Keep in mind that this is how every economy and network acts: there are voids to fill and services to offer, and if someone happens to catch the right location or lead at the exact right moment, great things happen. But there has to be a constant asking so that the business wants to show up, otherwise, that opportunity will be off to some other brand or product. It happens all the time, and for the professional who doesn’t think she deserves the business or is satisfied with less, there has to be a moment when she sees just how far her success can go, whether she decides to scale it back from there is her call.

Phone, in-person, or text?

Some professionals build their network marketing skills best in person -others rely on phone calls, and many clients are originally hooked through great communication over email, social media, or text. But what happens when the fear of calling or meeting in person overcomes the worker? New sales representatives need to find their talent in the field as best as they can. Whether or not they are comfortable with all in-person meetings or long business calls, business is changing as fast as technology provides for it, which means that in-person could be a thing of the past one day. A network marketing professional needs to find the best vantage point for meetings and pursue that platform to its full potential whether it’s smaller speaking engagements, social gatherings, conference calls, or great written communication that leads to the next level.

Whatever the obstacle was, they succeeded. The fear is there for a reason -to show what limitations and achievements are possible. Every professional can’t be great at everything, so a great network has to be built on those who know their strengths and can accommodate for any weaknesses that may just be “new sales rep” jitters.

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