Everyone wants to form strong relationships built to last through the bumps and bruises of life, but, as the country’s divorce rate shows, it’s not as easy as it seems. There’s no magic formula for the perfect relationship, but psychologists have identified seven qualities that seem to be at the heart of resiliency. Drs. McCormack, Strouse and Everly put forth these qualities as common links of resilient individuals, but they can also be used to guide our understanding of resilient relationships.

1. Honesty: A relationship cannot thrive without individuals honestly expressing their feelings, desires and needs. …

It doesn’t have to be a new year to make a change in your life. You can start fresh tomorrow if you are motivated to leave your past behind you and begin the living the life you’ve always wanted. Take a leap of faith and revamp your life with these beneficial actions.

1. Step away from social media.

If you’re constantly finding yourself stalking an exes page or being bummed out at every engagement or pregnancy announcement, unplug from social media for awhile. Deactivating your accounts for even a day is a good start.

2. Start cleansing and strengthening your body.

Shedding the past may also mean letting go of an unhealthy lifestyle…

Mental strength is something we all depend on to help us cope with stressful situations, but there are ways that we limit that quality. By examining the things we do to interfere with our mental strength, we can learn to be more resilient in pursuing our goals and objectives.

Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?
This is that feeling that you’re not really as good as people think you are, either at work, in school, or in competitions. It can leave you feeling that you only achieved victory, recognition, or a promotion, because you successfully fooled others. …

If it feels like you’re stuck in a rut and you just don’t have the zest for life that you once had, that may be an indication that you need a change. By acting to jump-start your personal life, you can gain better control over your personal life.

Make an Assessment

The first thing you need to do, before you can get a fresh start on your personal life is to examine the various aspects of your life. Look at your health, your love life, your living situation, and your spiritual beliefs. If some aspects of your life are going well, allow yourself…

Regardless of what career you choose to pursue, one essential trait is that of resilience. It can help you achieve great things in your chosen field. Yet, that begs the question of what it means to be resilient.

The Obstacles to Resilience
In understanding resilience, it’s especially helpful to get a grasp on the traits that challenge your ability to be resilient. Most commonly, fear is the greatest enemy to resilience, because it can paralyze us in the face of adversity. Under normal circumstances, fear can work for us, helping us to confront adversity and solve problems effectively. …

For first time entrepreneurs, launching your new start-up can be both exciting and intimidating. Over the years, successful entrepreneurs have shared the lessons they learned with their own new business launches. By heeding their suggestions, you may be able to avoid common pitfalls.

Know Your Clients

Starting a business is about more than just supplying a service. You want your product or service to fill an immediate need in a unique way. This means looking at your business from the client’s perspective and determining what problems they need addressed. …

Most people understand the concept of spring cleaning, but not everyone really knows why we’ve picked the spring as the time when we clean out our homes. Part of it has to do with logistics. The weather is warmer and the snow has at least started to melt, so it’s easier to open up all the windows and air out a home that hasn’t had a lot of fresh air for the last several months. It’s also a lot easier to clean the exterior of a home when it isn’t freezing cold outside.

So yes, part of the reason why…

Beliefs versus Reality of Entrepreneurship

There is a common misunderstanding among the youth about what it entails to be a successful entrepreneur. The possibilities in this world are endless but without the proper grasp of what it actually takes to start and run a business, failure is inevitable. A few key pointers have been discussed below to help the youth understand some concepts that are often misunderstood or misinterpreted that lead to the downfall of businesses.

It is a common statement among the youth that if they make a great brand, they do not have to put in so much effort into marketing it. This…

Whether on the golf course or in the office, resilience breeds success. You may hit a great drive, but the wind may push your ball a bit off course. You may be pushing hard to hit that quarterly sales bonus level, but that final order comes in a bit too late. Resiliency is about moving forward. It’s about coping with stressors, successes, and disappointments, then moving on to the next challenge.

Resilient people don’t let life get them down. They accept that there are ups and downs. …

In 2013, a survey revealed that business owners were among the most health-conscious people in America. Four years later, and the health levels of all Americans in general was on the decline. Entrepreneurs are not immune to this trend. Whether it’s the stress of starting a new business, or the everyday chaos of being a full-time entrepreneur — it’s tough to maintain healthy habits. Here’s 5 tips for a great well-being as an entrepreneur.

1) Vitamins

This one makes the list because it’s a simple solution that can be applied right away.

However, there’s a twist. …

Tonja Demoff

Tonja Demoff: highly acclaimed entrepreneur, author, and speaker. On staff at Virtual RE Consulting Group. http://tonjademoff.net

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