Escorts Darwin — 4 More Potent Nipple Play Ideas to Consider

Tonja Danner
Jul 22 · 2 min read

Of the different body parts, the nipples are perhaps one of the most favourite areas to touch, caress and kiss or lick. Why? Well, it’s because the nipples have hundreds of sensitive nerve endings, which make them extremely sensitive to touch and susceptible to pleasure.

Thus, it’s not so surprising that many people even Private Escorts in Darwin are aroused by having their nipples touched or kissed, and with the right stimulation, it can lead to orgasm. Here are a couple of potent nipple play ideas to consider.

Be Gentle with Your Hands

If you’d like to tease and further stimulate your girlfriend, or your preferred Escorts Darwin, perhaps you should put a lot of focus on their nipples! However, ensure that you use a light, gentle touch with your fingertips! Glide your fingers over her nipples using saliva or a dab of lube, run them up and over the nipples, and circle them on the areola!

Escorts Darwin

Work Your Way to the Nipple

There are varying levels of breast sensitivity. The nipple is the most sensitive part of the breast, then the areola and then the breast. Thus, start by massaging the breast with your full hand, and then work your way into nipple play after your partner or your Private Escorts Perth is well-massaged!

Figure Out Where to Bite

If your bedroom mate is comfortable with biting, start with your teeth close to the breasts, as opposed to your teeth towards the tip of the nipple, because it can be more comfortable for many Private Escorts in Canberra, and men too. Move your way down so that the tip of the nipple is between your teeth, and then roll a nipple between your teeth by sliding your jaw back and forth, left to right!

Slow Down

Because it takes time for your body, and that of your preferred Darwin Adult Service, to become primed for nipple stimulation and play, make sure to take it slow. Start with slow caresses, licks and strokes, and then gradually experiment with pressure, as well as different forms of stimulation. As she becomes more aroused, you can let your motions build up the intensity too!

Tonja Danner

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I have grown sexually exploring things about myself and my sexuality. Life is always one big lesson as they say.

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