Tonka Finance and Bitcoin L2 MAP Protocol Launch Dual-Staking Campaign

Tonka Finance
2 min readJan 26, 2024

Tonka Finance is the first Inscription asset lending protocol, offering a collateral lending solution for Inscription assets, including the BRC20 series, enabling borrowing within Tonka Finance. By collateralizing assets, users can acquire mainstream assets for further DeFi market gains, enhancing capital efficiency and unlocking the value within Inscription assets.

After successfully completing the Fair Launch, TGE, and platform listing for the $TOKA token, and with the introduction of the Tonka Finance staking system, our economic system is now operating robustly. Staking serves as a vital catalyst driving the gears of the Tonka Finance economic ecosystem. We incentivize active participation in $TOKA Staking by introducing substantial staking rewards.

Bitcoin L2 Protocol is a crucial partner in the Tonka Finance ecosystem, and we are integrating MAP Protocol as a strategic staking partner. Introducing the $TOKA and $MAP a dual-coin staking pool, we leverage our robust staking and farming protocols to offer substantial rewards.

Staking Mechanics

Staking Pair:

  • Users can stake $TOKA and $MAP (on Ethereum) as a pair
  • Pre-fixed ratio of 6:1 ($TOKA: $MAP)

Reward Structure:

  • Standard $TOKA stakers (who only stake $TOKA) will earn at the basic rate of 0.004 $esTOKA per day.
  • For Stakers who are staking in the $TOKA & $MAP pair, the daily emission rate will be increased to 0.006 $esTOKA per day per staked $TOKA, resulting in an annual emission rate of 2.92 $esTOKA.

In addition, stakers will be earning additional rewards worth $2000 MAP distributed by MAP Protocol after a 30 day campaign period.

Stake now:

Bitcoin L2 MAP Protocol enhances its network security by leveraging the security mechanisms of Bitcoin, while also achieving peer-to-peer cross-chain interoperability of Bitcoin BRC20 assets. It has built a comprehensive Bitcoin Layer 2 ecosystem foundation. Currently, key ecological applications such as Bitcoin L1-> L2 cross-chain (ROUP), launchpad (LSGS), trading platform (STST), liquidity pool trading (Hiveswap), and ZK-lightclient-based swap (ButterSwap) have been implemented. With the surge in popularity of the inscription market, MAP Protocol has made further breakthroughs in both technological advancements and community development.

Integrating Bitcoin L2 MAP Protocol as a staking partner within Tonka Finance not only enriches our staking ecosystem but also provides enhanced earning opportunities for our users and the MAP Protocol community. This collaboration is expected to strengthen our mutual communities and drive further growth and participation.