Covid Hits Countless Jobs | Unemployment Rate In Us

Following piece of information is about the economic setback and the peak unemployment being observed in the United States of America amid the Corona Virus outbreak. The descriptive article has been inspired by the essay published on the website of the best dissertation writing help in the USA.

Confirmed cases of Corona Virus have been reported in the exponential numbers in all states of the US. According to today’s latest update, around one million people are tested corona positive up till now along with more than 60,000 deaths across all regions. As the superpower country sees pandemic surge, it has caused a major impact on the economy, domestic life and travel operations. Life has become stagnant in the US; people are self-isolated at homes and sticking to studying and working remotely. All travel operations of every kind are suspended leaving people got stuck in the unwanted destinations.

In terms of economy, the United States of America is going through a historical setback as one-fifth of the entire workforce goes unemployed due to shutting down of businesses and industries. Massive lay-offs have been conducted in the retail, travel, restaurants, construction and manufacturing industries and more. According to the data displayed on the online essay help, it has been reported that around 24.6 million have gone unemployed since March and filed for benefits application to afford a living. Only last week, more than 4 million people filed for the application exceeding the total number up to 24 million. It is the first that the US economy has been impacted this severely and would require a comprehensive course of time to get back on track.

According to the rough estimate, around 43% of households have been affected by unemployment or pay deduction. There’s a prevailing atmosphere of depression and persistent anxiety amongst citizens as they’re helpless about future events or to control the present situation. Citizens who got recently unemployed are living on their savings trying to minimize expenses mostly. The US government has announced the relief program of $ 2 trillion to reach out to the people specifically those who are unemployed. Yet people are not being catered completely and have expressed their situation and perspective on different platforms. Several protest sessions were also held recently as people demanded their equal rights and due share in the relief program.

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