How to build 3rd party software adapters for hardware you can’t afford

Developing Adapters For 3rd Party Products

GreenThumb is working to build a platform that connects growers to the systems they’re already comfortable using today. This blog post will read a bit like a tutorial on how to DIY your own dosing system.

Peristaltic Dosing Pump Solution

I’m not trying to compete with commercial dosing system here, but I will be…

Cannabis Computer Vision, AI, and Harvester Marketplace

GreenThumb IO is dedicated to delivering high tech solutions to the cannabis industry in close collaboration with leading industry partners.

Today: Plant Health & Growth Data Using AI

In the GreenThumb product today, smart cameras monitor cannabis growth to provide real-time data, which is analyzed with our machine learning algorithms to determine plant health, tracking the performance indicators…

Tokenized Items With ERC-1155

Colloquially referred to as the gaming token, there is more to the new ERC-1155 token standard than meets the eye.

The below article was our first introduction to ERC-1155. It was written by the author of EIP#1155 (The Ethereum Improvement Proposal repository’s Issue #1155) and CTO of Enjin, Witek Radomski.

Baby Steps to Tokenized Cannabis

Cannabis Computer Vision

I gleamed my inspiration from yet again. I’m basically counting bright green spots, by combing some of the tricks from the last post on Leaf Area Analysis.


In this docker image I have all of the dependencies for both Leaf Area and Bud Area including working copies and works…

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Logo on Old TVs

Democratizing Data Value

Data has always been the driving force of the economy. In today’s world we see an enormous amount of data generated every moment of everyday. There are giant corporations capitalizing off individual’s actions and patterns, by selling inferred interests to retailer’s trying to hit their target market with directly focused…

Justin Bowen

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