ZINGBOX explained that October 13 was originally chosen as the release date

The wraparound jacket band on the fourth volume of Hakase and Ueno’s comedy manga Rabuho no Ueno-san. The Space Patrol Luluco “intergalactic first love story” anime takes place in Ogikubo, which is the name of the specially designated area in space in the Milky Way where Earthlings and aliens can live together. One piece manga reader explained that October 13 was originally chosen as the release date because it was ideal for the market conditions at the time. Higuchi took a similar hiatus for 11 months between December 2010 andNovember 2011. NIS America released the first Demon Gaze fantasy dungeon role-playing game for the PS Vita in North America and in Europe in April 2014.

One piece manga reader’s decision to attend an agricultural school is influenced in part by disagreements with his parents, but when he gets to school, he finds himself not used to the realities of a life of farming, agriculture, and animal husbandry. There, he hones his skills and struggles to earn acceptance to the soccer team while dealing with his height disadvantage. The manga’s 30 volumes has 5 million copies in print, and it has been published in 22 countries and territories. As one ghost after another shows up, Natsume tries to release or help them — even while many of them seek vengeance on him. The story takes place in The Sprawl, a city that lies outside of normal space and time, where characters from different universes gather in peace until the demon king Goa invades. Sony will also release a One piece manga reader USB Wireless Adaptor device in early September for US$24. 
 The video centers on One piece manga reader, the beautiful but lonely quarter-American student voiced by Nana Mizuki. Atlus will offer the American release in a “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition that includes a soundtrack CD, a Morgana plush, a hardcover art book, a steelbook, and a school bag. If you want to see more information about ZINGBOX, please click http://www.zingbox.me

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