Phu Quoc Island- Wonderful Destination

  • Beautiful View

Phu Quoc is an island belong to Kien Giang province, the south of Viet Nam. I love this place because it’s the largest island of Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes. It will bring to you a wonderful felling when you come there. I can see sunset in the afternoon , it’s so amazing. You can also walk around on the beach to ralax. It’s an amzing view to look out the beach

  • Delicious Food

Phu Quoc island is not only a parade for beaches but also for seafood. Seafood in there is cheap and fresh, special it’s very delicious. I tried lots of different type of seafood. One of the most delicious seafood that i’ve ate is “ Thick Noodle”. I think it’s popular in there. So many many delicious food you should try to eat, ex : Barrscudas Salad, Co Noodle… But i had an accident when i ate fish , i had a stomachache all day, maybe it’s was a bad day but it was okay, i was fine on the next day. ^-^

  • Things To Do

I went to the beach to breathe fresh air in the morning. I went to the market to buy some souverni for my friends. My mom and i bought a lot of things in there. My brother taught me how to drive boat, i was so crazy . If you have a chance to go to Phu Quoc, you should try to all of thing that i told. It will make you surprised… i’m sure!